A pallet stacker is very similar to straddle truck, instead of straddling a pallet the forks split leaving the bottom half on the ground.

They have great manoeuvrability with precise handling, making them an ideal choice for narrow aisles. They are mainly used with Euro Pallets but can lift standard British pallets by using a slave pallet. With low ground clearance and small wheels, they are suited to work inside a warehouse.

Pallet stackers come in a variety of sizes. The largest can lift to over 5 metres, and the most powerful can lift more than 1.5 tonnes.

Powered by electricity with batteries; some require a separate charger cabinet while others can just be plugged into a 13amp socket and charged from there.

  • Rider Stacker Trucks – A4 Rider Electric Pallet Stackers
  • Pedestrian Stacker Trucks – A5 Pedestrian Electric Pallet Stackers
  • Straddle Trucks – A6 Pedestrian Electric Straddle Trucks


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