We provide forklift attachment training on a wide variety of attachments on customer premises throughout the UK. Attachments extend the versatility of lift trucks and other equipment, enabling them to handle a wider variety of goods, but the importance of operator training in the use of specific attachments should not be overlooked.

Changing over attachments require operator of the machine to be familiarised with the new attachment and know its abilities. Machine’s rated capacity plate should be updated by the supplier immediately.

The HSE recommend that specific job training is provided to lift truck operators and forms an essential part of training. We tailor the attachment training courses to the employers specific needs and include knowledge and understanding of the operating principles and controls of the lift truck to be used, especially where these relate to handling attachments specific to the job. The attachment training we provide covers a wide variety of applications in a diverse range of industries:

  • Paper reel/roll clamp
  • Push/pull attachment
  • Slip sheet attachment
  • Bale clamp
  • Fork rotator
  • Block handling clamp
  • Fork/carriage mounted jib
  • Double pallet handler
  • Pipe clamp/stabiliser
  • Carpet pole
  • Coil boom
  • Keg handling clamp
  • Cask clamp
  • Cask rotator
  • Grab
  • Grappler
  • Upgraded capacity buckets
  • And many more


Our attachment training meets the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998 and the advice provided in the HSE guidance: L117 Rider Operated Lift Trucks (Operator Training)

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