One of the main objectives of our forklift training is to produce proficient and safe operators. Therefore, all courses begin with a Health and Safety induction. Amongst other topics, we discuss operators’ responsibility in the workplace, as advised by the HSE.

All of our forklift training and other varied training is delivered in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere by experienced and qualified instructors who have had comprehensive training  taken themselves, instructional techniques and skills assessment. Our instructors appreciate that a few days of training have to prepare their trainees for a lifetime of operator training. Therefore, to achieve a high standard of training, they stretch and challenge their learners to get the best out of them.

Our instructors are always happy to go the extra mile with any additional help and support required. We do our best to ensure operators pass our courses, but also believe that forklift driver training isn’t just about passing a test but readying operators for day-to-day forklift use.

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